Waxwork Records Artwork, Mastering Session, Release Info For New 'Friday The 13th' Vinyl OST

We have been following the impending release of Waxwork Records' brand new vinyl OST of Friday The 13th 1980 ever since we found out about it last year from composer Harry Manfredini. It was an exciting revelation and since then we have picked up some bits and pieces about the release as well as who would be creating the artwork for the packaging. We have posted about these bits in previous posts on the website as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but since we have received a number of inquiries about this exciting new soundtrack we thought we would get everything together in one place and let everyone in on what we know so far.

We were informed by Waxwork Records and Harry Manfredini that the plan is to release the first six films in the franchise on vinyl as long as sales go well. The artwork for the packaging is being created by artist Jay Shaw and a portion of the design is teased below.

Sean Cunningham and Harry Manfredini have also created some excellent liner notes to accompany the vinyl product and we were told it is very well put together. The one question asked by everyone is when is it coming out? We've been informed it will be released after their Creepshow and Chopping Mall OST records hit stores. With that being said, we hope to get a definitive date very soon.

Thanks to Waxworks Records, they teased their mastering session on Instagram yesterday (we first posted in on our Facebook account) for which you can listen to below. Lets hope for some more great news on this release very soon!