Pittides Art Celebrates Friday The 13th With MASKS Series

Timothy Pittides MASKS is a ongoing monthly art print series based on masks from movies, television and literature. Each piece is created in charcoal and pastel along with black and red india ink.
The series debuted with a three print set at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014 in Dallas TX featuring Michael Myers, Leatherface and Leslie Vernon.

This Friday is the 13th, which means only one person could be examined and why not analyze his mask from his two film killing spree on it's 30th anniversary. From Higgin's Haven to his last mortal stand back where it began! Crystal Lake Killer (1984) represents both versions of the most iconic mask in the killer's history. While his Higgin's Haven slaughter was documented in 1982 and his return was 1984, the REAL story places only a couple of days apart. So without further ado, Fig. #4a and #4b in the MASKS series!

Here is the info for the sale:
Crystal Lake Killer (1984) Version A: Ed of 40 8" x 10" Giclee art print on smooth watercolor paper. Price $10.00
Version B ( final chapter) : Ed of 10 is $20.00
Shipping is only $5.00
Releasing on Friday, June 13th at 9:00am CST in my webstore located at www.pittidesart.com