Friday The 13th Merchandise Deals You Should Take Advantage Of Today

We are going to kick off Friday June 13th with a focus on some truly spectacular merchandise that our readers should really consider purchasing if, of course, you have some money to spare. Most of these deals only last through the end of today, so here...we...go.

Creepy Tees Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 T-shirt

The design for this T-shirt was created by Nathan Thomas Milliner and was originally used for cover art for Horrorhound Magazine. The illustration depicts the climactic ending of Jason Lives for which Tommy Jarvis attempts to trap Jason Voorhees at the bottom of Crystal Lake.

Fans should jump on this pre-order special today as the cost is only $16.99 for the shirt and the first 13 orders will receive a bonus item with their order.

Horror Decor Crystal Lake Sign Items And Jason Voorhees Horror Buddy

Starting today, you can purchase your very own Camp Crystal Lake sign pillow or pot holder. Some pretty cool items that would decorate your living room, bedroom and kitchen quite nicely. The sale on the sign items run through the weekend, with a cost of $12 and $5 respectively, but if you want to get your hands on a Jason Voorhees Horror Buddy with $5 off, you can use the Freddy In Space discount today only!

Crash Creations' Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter Replica Hockey Mask

If you are able to spend a little bit more money and are into collecting replica hockey masks, then this is the sale for you. Crash Cunningham is well known in the Friday The 13th and Horror collecting community for his spot on replica hockey masks and his detail and accuracy in recreating these masks is unparalleled. These kinds of replica masks are very expensive due to the creation of the blank hockey mask and then the detailing work that goes into creating such a screen accurate look. On this special day, Crash is offering a sale and the details are in the image below!

These masks are highly recommended if you are looking for a truly screen accurate mask from one of the best films in the franchise.