'Friday The 13th: A New Beginning' Soundtrack Favorite 'Pseudo Echo' Releases New Album

It's been almost thirty years since Friday The 13th: A New Beginning was released in theaters, and along with the film came some of the wildest characters ever created in the franchise and one catchy song that has lasted in fan's minds for decades. That song is His Eyes and it was performed by the Australian new wave band Pseudo Echo. The group had some big hits in the 1980's and dissolved for a time before reforming the band in the late 1990's and they have been performing ever since.

Their song His Eyes played infamously during Violet's death scene in A New Beginning and has left a lasting impression on our readers. So imagine our surprise when original member and front-man Brian Canham contacted our website to let us know about their new album that was just released a few weeks ago! Their new album is titled "Ultraviolet" and looks to continue their unique sound for newer generations to enjoy. If for some unknown reason you have not heard their classic song "His Eyes" or maybe forgot what it is, please take a listen below.

If you're interested in hearing Pseudo Echo's new album and want to purchase it, please visit the iTunes and Google Play links below. If you want to follow the band and their current projects, please visit their Facebook Page today! Good luck in sales to Brian and the Pseudo Echo gang and a great big thanks for their awesome contribution to the Friday The 13th franchise!


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