Fan Film Web Series: 'Friday The 13th: The Curse Of Jason', Episode 1

Back in February we wrote about a brand new fan made web series that is all about Jason Voorhees and Crystal Lake. The new series, titled  'Friday The 13th: The Curse Of Jason', will consist of 3 episodes and will be released sporadically throughout the the Summer months. Today the first episode from Studio 605 has gone live online for our readers to take in.

Read on for the synopsis of the first episode in the web series and see if you're brave enough to survive the new tale of Friday The 13th!

Episode 1
The prologue of Episode 1 showcases a familiar campfire scene to fans of the franchise as we eventually learn that new owners of Camp Crystal Lake are looking to reopen the troubled camp and restore it to it's former glory. Unbeknownst to the new owner and counselors, Jason Voorhees has different plans in store for the visitors to the lake region.

Watch the first episode below and let us know what you think of this new and fun web series from fans just like you!

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