Fan Film Web Series: 'Friday The 13th: The Curse Of Jason', Episode 2

A few weeks ago, the first episode of the new series titled  'Friday The 13th: The Curse Of Jason' was released with some very positive comments about the series opener. There will be three episodes in all and they will be released sporadically throughout the next couple of weeks. Now, the second episode from Studio 605 has recently gone live online for our readers to take in.

Read on for the synopsis of the second episode in the web series and see if you're brave enough to survive the new tale of Friday The 13th!

Episode 2 
The second episode starts off with the discovery of the lone survivor of the massacre of Camp Crystal Lake and ten years afterwards, Jason's deadly curse wreaks havoc on another group of carefree teenagers.

Watch the first episode below and let us know what you think of this new and fun web series from fans just like you!

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