Entertainment Weekly Ranks the Friday Films

                With the announcement of the Friday the 13th television project recently going public, the Friday franchise has seen a surplus of media attention.  Both speculation in regards to what the new series will entail and nostalgic look backs on what has come before has been rampant in online posts and print media.

                Entertainment Weekly is among the many to dive into the Friday the 13th love-fest, with staff writer Kyle Anderson’s article entitled “Friday the 13th: We Rank the Movies to Prep for the Upcoming TV Show.”  The online article, which can be found here, recaps the announcement and few details that have come thus far regarding the in development television project before covering each of the films in the Friday franchise and ranking them from best to worst.  The feature also offers YouTube video links for each entries’ trailer.

                Author Anderson shows that he knows his Friday, with knowledge of each entry and an informed opinion, finding positive attributes for every offering.  To quote, “…the Friday the 13th franchise is a lot like pizza and sex – even the worst is still pretty good.”  See for yourself if you agree with Anderson’s ranking (I personally would put Jason Lives higher on my list) which makes for a fun read!

                Don’t forget to comment below or in the forum with your own list!