One's Customs Shows Off Newest Jason Voorhees 2009 Figure

One's Customs has been very busy over the last few months expanding their custom figure business into multiple websites and social media platforms. The last time we wrote about their custom work they were producing Friday The 13th: A New Beginning "Roy" figure starter kits at the 1/6 scale. From what we here they were a hit and just recently we found some new images of the latest Jason Voorhees work that our readers might be interested in.

On One's Custom's Instagram account, we found some great images of a recent 1/6 scale Jason that was finished from Friday The 13th 2009. The images that are featured below do not have Jason with his hockey mask on, but that's alright as the art is in the detailing of the facial features and the overall accesories of the character.

If you're interested in this figure and want to find out more about how to get one, please make sure to visit and leave them a message!