'Friday The 13th Part 2' Jason Actor Takes A Road Trip This April

The Scarefest has been around for nearly 7 years now and have signed some excellent Horror film and Paranormal guests to their shows for the fans to meet. Their show is normally based out of Lexington, Kentucky and takes place in the Fall of each year. This year, however, they have put together a smaller show for the Spring and are dubbing it their "Road Trip" as they set up shop in Springfield, Illinois. They have signed some great guests to this point, and now a Friday The 13th alumni has just been added to the festivities.

Steve Dash (Jason Voorhees, Friday The 13th Part 2) will now be attending The Scarefest Road Trip the weekend of April 12-13, 2014. For more information on the event, read the flyer below or visit scarefestcon.com/scarefest-road-trip. Oh yea, we forgot to mention earlier, entry is free for the weekend. So, if you live close by, go on out to the show next weekend and make sure to say hello a man that was one of the first to play Jason Voorhees!