Help Produce The 'Friday The 13th Part 3' Film Location Documentary

A few months ago we brought you word of a new documentary that was being created for the filming location of Friday The 13th Part 3. A crowd funding campaign was created to help produce the show, but sadly, not enough funds were raised to support the production. Like Jason Voorhees, the project will not die so easily, and now it is back again. Read on for more in-depth details on what will be included in the documentary and to find out how you can contribute.

As many of our readers know, the main house used in Friday The 13th Part 3 burned to the ground in 2006 after a careless trespasser accidentally set the house on fire. Since then, even for those fans lucky enough to visit the Valuzet Ranch in California, the only remnants left to see of the infamous filming location for Part 3 is the dilapidated barn. The man-made lake in the film has long been dried up and even the dock itself has disappeared, literally, into the ground. So how will our readers ever get a chance to tour this iconic Friday The 13th location with landmarks intact? One fan has an answer.

Sean Richard was a long time member of the original and frequented the Forum of that website often. He contributed a number of location images to that website as well as a related book about the franchise. Now he wants to professionally produce footage he shot of the Part 3 location prior to the main house burning down a decade after filming it. Imagine the ability to see the filming location intact and preserved for all fans to enjoy for many years to come. Does this sound like something you would want to own? Here is where Sean needs your help.

There is $5,000 dollars needed to professionally create the documentary/memoiriam project which includes licensing Harry Manfredini's iconic Friday The 13th score for use in the show. This is also a tribute to the late Richard Brooker who donned the hockey mask in the film. It's a great project and one that hopefully comes to fruition. To contribute as little or as much as you want please visit the Indiegogo page. Also make sure to visit the Facebook page for more information.

If the project does not get the full funding, the money you pledged stays with you.

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