Update On Waxwork Records' Vinyl Soundtrack Release Of 'Friday The 13th 1980'

Last October we broke the news that Waxwork Records would be releasing the first ever original soundtrack of Friday The 13th 1980 on vinyl LP. Later we discovered some in-progress artwork on Instagram that looked very similar to a certain iconic axe scene from the original film that might be used in some capacity for the new vinyl release. Since December, however, there has been no updates or news about the album release, so we reached out to Waxwork Records to find out any new information.

We have been informed that the release will be dropping soon, but only after the the record company releases vinyl edition soundtracks for the Horror classics Creepshow and then Chopping Mall. Our website was also told that artist Jay Shaw will be creating the full package artwork for the Friday The 13th 1980 vinyl OST and that there are some great liner notes pepared for the record packaging by composer Harry Mandfredini and franchise creator Sean Cunningham.

We were not given an exact release date as of yet, but hopefully this information satisfies our readers who have been writing in asking about the new vinyl release. Look for more on this soundtrack edition very soon!