'Friday The 13th' Actress Invites You To 'The Evil Within'

It's been a long road traveled for the new Horror film The Evil Within. We first reported on the beginnings of its production way back in July 2011 whereas Julianna Guill (Bree, Friday The 13th 2009) was first announced to star in what was once titled Mine Games. Now Phase 4 films has changed the film's title to The Evil Within and offered up a new poster and trailer for our readers to dig on.

The film looks promising and it doesn't hurt the eyes to see Julianna in another Horror film either. Check out the updated synopsis of the film and the new trailer and poster below.

About 'The Evil Within'
A group of friends travel up to a cabin, located deep within the forest, and find themselves stalked by an unknown evil. Shortly after arriving, they stumble across a abandoned mine and decide to explore the dark and mysterious tunnels. As the group hikes deeper within the mine, they make a shocking discovery that quickly turns their excitement into fear. Hunted by a mysterious force, the group must work together to escape the mine alive.