Friday the 13th Girl Plays Mine Games

Variety is reporting that Friday the 13th alumn Julianna Guill (Bree, Friday the 13th 2009) has signed onto the thriller Mine Games. Julianna has been pretty busy after her turn in the Friday the 13th reboot as she has starred in a number of genre films, such as My Super Psycho Sweet 16 and Altitude.

Mine Games Synopsis:
Story revolves around a group of young friends who make a shocking discovery in an abandoned mine while on vacation. With time looping back on itself, the group soon becomes aware that one of them will be responsible for the death of the rest of them.

Julianna played her role in the Friday the 13th reboot exactly the way she was asked to, and she does have enticing screen presence, so it is great to see her getting more and more film roles!