Fan Figures: Roy From 'A New Beginning'

We have been writing about NECA and their Friday the 13th license and how anticipation is building for next year and what may be in store for Jason Voorhees and a new line of licensed figures. Collectors are completists and as such want all incarnations of Jason Voorhees in the film. Fans have taken it upon themselves to fill in the gaps of missing figures and some of their creations are very accurate.

Last year, Brandon "Spaz" Parmley created an 18 inch version of "Pseudo Jason" Roy from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. There have been a lot of these types of figures created within the last three years, but not too many at this size and as accurately detailed. Below are different angles of the figure, which was created using an 18 inch Michael Myers figure.

Lets hope that NECA gives serious consideration to creating an officially licensed Roy for fans to collect, but in the mean time, great creations like the figure featured below show that the fans can build a likeness of a character accurately to tide them over until the toy companies listen to the fans.

Image Gallery: Click for larger resolution