Crew Spotlight: Brian Wade (Special Effects, Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6)

With the conclusion of Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, it looked as though further psycho slayings would be carried out by Tommy Jarvis when the franchise continued. However, with poor fan reaction and a slumping box office, Paramount and the producers decided if the series of films were to continue that Jason Voorhees would have to added back in to the mix to sell tickets. Once director and writer Tom McLoughlin was brought onto the next installment, Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6, a special effects team was needed.

Reel EFX was once again tasked with bringing the crazy world of Crystal Lake and its victims to reality. Special Effects master Brian Wade was brought into the fold by his peer Chris Swift and given the exciting task of creating a new look for Jason Voorhees. To create a Jason never seen on screen before (an undead corpse), he followed many of the ideas outlined by the script he was given. It was explained that Jason would be a zombie, but would still hold all of the wounds he had endured from past films. With that in mind, Brian set off to create all of the make-up and prosthetic pieces for Jason. This included the hood worn by Jason actor C.J. Graham as well as the under-mask that was worn by the stunt actor.

Jason's look in Jason Lives is generally defined by the infamous survivalists tool belt for which the character used throughout the film. Since Jason is never unmasked in the film and seen only briefly in a dark light in the opening, the facial features were not clearly defined on film. It was not until recently, within the last several years, that Brian's work has been brought to the forefront with behind the scenes images of his make-up work as well as restored DVD images. Mr. Wade has had a spectacular career in Hollywood and still going strong, but he has mentioned that he had a satisfying experience being able to create the very first zombie Jason!