Fan Film Web Series: 'Jason Xmas'

Jason Voorhees hasn't taken his maniacal antics into another holiday ever and why should he, as Friday The 13th is the most unlucky day of the year for his victims. However, what if the man behind the hockey mask just happened to set his sights on a family during the Christmas holiday? That is what the group behind the Scared Stiff web series are setting out to explore.

We were contacted by the director of the upcoming fan web series Jason Xmas and here is what we are told it is all about:

"Jason Xmas is a new fan web mini-series from the makers of Scared Stiff, The Zombie Chronicles and the Horror Wrestling Federation. Starting March 13th, Jason Xmas will feature everyone's favorite hockey masked killer, Jason Voorhees, as he interrupts a family's Christmas homecoming! New episodes will be released monthly, culminating in the exciting finale next Christmas!"

Watch the different episodes using the links below:

Jason Xmas Part I
Jason Xmas Part II
Jason Xmas Part III
Jason Xmas Part IV
Jason Xmas Part V
Jason Xmas Part VI
Jason Xmas Part VII
Jason Xmas Part VIII

If interested, check out the short teaser for the web series below and make sure to visit their new Facebook page for the show.