Fan Film Web Series: Jason Xmas Part 4

Last month we brought our readers the third part of a new fan web series dedicated to Jason Voorhees and the jolly Holiday of Christmas titled Jason Xmas. The series is being produced by and they will be releasing the different parts of the web show throughout this year up until Christmas. The series will have Mr. Voorhees spilling red blood all over the clean white snow of the season and now Part 4 of the web series is now live to watch for our readers.

About The Series 
The next "Friday  the 13th" movie gets released in theaters on March 13, 2015, but fans don't need to wait until then to see Jason's next outing! Just released today is the third of a ten part mini-series, "Jason Xmas"! The mystery of Jason's latest target will become unveiled as the series continues. A new episode will be released monthly up until the exciting conclusion this upcoming Christmas!" 

Watch Part 4 of the web series below and make sure to visit the web show's Facebook page for more information.

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