Jason Actor Derek Mears Appears at Falls Horror Fest

The Niagara Falls Comic Con grows in stature and guest list every year.  Supported by the number one horror magazine Fangoria, the festival continues to impress with its sub-expo Falls Horror Fest that not only utilizes Jason’s hockey mask as its logo, but annually has featured a major Friday the 13th alumni as a featured guest.  Last year impressed with Kane Hodder who not only appeared all weekend to meet fans and sign autographs, but also hosted a 50 guest maximum VIP Q&A moderated by Fango editor Chris Alexander and screened Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood while providing live and running commentary during.

2014’s festival, which ran over the weekend of June 6th – 9th, was no exception to the Friday fandom featuring the latest Jason from Friday the 13th (2009) himself, Derek Mears.  Mears appeared for all three days signing autographs on the floor and spending a maximum amount of time getting to know fans who were welcomed to approach him with any question.  Genre fans were thrilled to also have Rob Zombie’s Halloween Michael Myers actor Tyler Mane placed next to Mears, with Candyman himself Tony Todd also in attendance to round off the stellar guest list.  Mears and Mane used the opportunity to promote their mutual 2013 project Compound Fracture, a feature film produced by Mane’s own production company which stars both Mane and Mears as well as Mane’s partner and wife Renae GeerlingsFans who purchased the DVD from Mane’s table, which has not been officially released in Canada yet, were not only treated to him personally signing the sleeve, but Mears also provided his autograph for no additional fee.

Saturday evening brought the Falls Horror Fest panels, with a unique presentation of Mears, Mane and Todd appearing together moderated by Fango’s Alexander.  The actors were playful and comedic, welcoming any questions from the crowd.  Some highlights from Mears in relation to the Friday franchise included the question of who he lists as his favourite Jason, to which he answered Ted White as he felt the actor’s portrayal of the character in The Final Chapter to be the most frightening and raw.  Mears was also thrilled to discuss the experience on set of filming Hatchet III, boasting fan favourite moment of Jason vs Jason as he battled Kane Hodder’s Victor Crowley.  Mears candidly recalled that Hodder did not hold back in the action packed scene, and they basically beat the hell out of each other for full on camera effect and remain good friends to this day.

Which of course led to the “elephant in the room” question.  With the recent announcement of both a new Friday feature flick and television series featuring Jason Voorhees, the question was asked if Mears would be donning the iconic hockey mask again.  The answer:  “I’m not permitted to discuss any details at this time.”  And fans are left in anticipation for a while longer, although answers like that always seem to indicate that discuss have occurred!

In all, Mears provided a memorable appearance to fans, showing him to truly appreciate the devoted following the Friday films has.  The actor has revealed some additional appearances for the 2014 convention trail and fans are highly encouraged to take the opportunity to meet our latest Jason who does not let down with providing a personal and friendly interaction with all who come out to meet him.

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