Fan Film Web Series: Jason Xmas Part 8

Throughout last year, we were bringing our readers episodes of the new fan web series dedicated to Jason Voorhees and the jolly holiday of Christmas titled Jason Xmas. The series is being produced by and they have been releasing the different parts of the web show throughout last year and into 2015. The series will have Mr. Voorhees spilling red blood all over the clean white snow of the season and now Part 8 of the web series is now live to watch for our readers.

About The Series
Jason Voorhees is back with the continuation of the “Jason Xmas” saga! Jason Voorhees has finally caught up to Michelle and Uncle Lou. But now, Uncle Lou has a plan to finally get rid of Jason forever! Find out in this exciting chapter in the Jason Xmas saga

“Jason Xmas” is a nine part fan film series created by the team behind the “Scared Stiff” anthology of films and “The Zombie Chronicles” mini-series!

Watch Part 8 of the web series below, make sure to visit the web show's Facebook page for more information, and watch the earlier episodes now!