RadioShack Jason Voorhees Actor Related To THE FINAL CHAPTER Jason

People are still talking about the awesome RadioShack ads we posted on the site yesterday for which our very own Jason Voorhees was featured. The nostalgic look at famous 80's characters was such a treat for longtime fans of the franchise and the fact that Jason was given his very own commercial for the electronics store is humbling.

Not only did RadioShack come pretty darn close to outfitting Jason screen accurate to a number of the films in the franchise, but they went out and got a genuine bloodline member of one of the actors who played Jason in the film franchise! Thanks to Yahoo, we have learned that Benjamin Bayouth is the actor who played Jason in the Superbowl commercials and he is also the grandson of Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter Jason actor Ted White! Kudos to RadioShack for pulling out all of the stops to make these memorable ads.

Perhaps, we could be looking at a second generation Jason Voorhees for future films?