Comparing The Hockey Masks Of Friday The 13th

There are numerous different sizes and looks to the hockey masks used in the Friday The 13th franchise as each film has different continuity and stand alone stories to tell. One of the most consistent questions that is asked by fans is how much of a difference is there in size between the masks?

For a comparison, there is a pic posted below that shows the size of the Friday The 13th Part 3 mask (the black hockey mask) and the size of the Part 7 mask. As our readers can see, there is a considerable amount of difference in the size between the hocks. For Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood, much of the mask was cut down to expose Jason Voorhees' facial features. We're sure the mask was cut down to show off the awesome makeup work done by John Buechler's effects house!

There are better experts out there than this writer when it comes to the exact nuances of the masks in the series, but at least now, a casual fan can get a sense of how the size differs between the hockey mask that started it all and eventually what became of one of the more popular looks in the film franchise.