SuperBowl Ad Has Jason Voorhees Interested In RadioShack 3D Printer

The Friday The 13th film franchise and Jason Voorhees are a major part of pop culture, which is a huge shift from the early days when the films were boycotted by parent groups and film critics. In the new Millennium, Jason Voorhees is a weird sort of folk hero just like other 80's Horror icons have become. Now, Jason is no longer viewed as an evil influence on kids, but a more effective nostalgic marketing tool. With that in mind, it is a real treat when companies reference the Friday The 13th films and give those filmmakers the ultimate compliment.

During the NFL Superbowl this past Sunday, RadioShack began their image rebranding campaign by telling the consumers they no longer are the electronics store of the past and are moving into the current digital age. To do so, the company ran a series of commercials featuring a wide range of 1980's iconic figures and Jason Voorhees was a big part of them. The first commercial below shows all of the 80's characters rushing a store to clean house of old electronics while the second commercial features Jason himself with a keen interest in what a 3D printer is creating.

Check out the promotional spots below and let us know what you think!