'Jason X' Graphic Novel Could Finally Bring Forth Writer's Original Vision

Over the last decade, Avatar Press and Wildstorm Comics (now defunct and part of DC Comics) have created a plethora of Friday the 13th comics to satisfy every fans desire for a new Jason Voorhees tale of carnage. Comic production based on Jason Voorhees and the slasher franchise have slowed in recent years and fans always want something new to feast their eyes on. With that being said, why not complete the full vision of writer Todd Farmer for Jason X?

When Jason X was released in theaters in April 2002, it had already been completely ruined by spoiler revealing marketing and a horrible rash of Internet piracy due to its delayed trip to cinemas. Once everyone saw the movie, it was quite clear that the writer's original vision for Jason in Space had been hampered by budgetary cuts and creative differences. Based on Stephen Dupuis' sketches and other storyboards created for the film, a quite spectacular graphic novel could bring the full vision of Jason X to the fans.

Avatar Press had produced a one shot comic back in 2005, titled Jason X. However, it was not based on the film itself, but took some of the ideas laid forth by the film and created a new stand alone story. If rights could be worked out, which at this time DC Comics holds the licence to produce comics for the Friday the 13th series, then I think the graphic novel would serve as a nice companion piece to the film. Gone would be the politics of studio production and budgetary constraints now with the ability to tell the story that Todd Farmer intended.

There are a number of books that were created based on older Friday the 13th films that are often used as reference material for their motion counterparts. Perhaps, Jason X can enjoy that same situation in print in the future?