F/X Supervisor For New Friday The 13th Film Chosen?

If Friday The 13th (2015) indeed gets production rolling soon (as it would need to in order to hit Paramount's planned March 13, 2015 release date), then we expect a flurry of information to start coming into the website in the coming months. There has indeed been a lot of speculation about the newest film and what it is about with no concrete story to be reported as of yet. Last week, Producer Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes talked about the latest film's script development and mentioned that his company is still searching for the correct story to get Jason on the big screen. However, could there already be a crew for the new film being assembled?

Late last night Horrorbid wrote a post that they will be sitting down with franchise creator Sean Cunningham to discuss all things Friday The 13th and in that post they mentioned they would also be talking to Roy Knyrim, who is mentioned as the new "F/X master" on the new "FRIDAY THE 13TH series and film". Whoa, did they just say series and film? This is the first crew member to be mentioned as part of the new Friday The 13th film, and we have yet to officially confirm if indeed Roy is taking up the F/X lead. With that being said, David Brandon (who now runs Horrorbid) has some connections in the land of make believe and it wouldn't make any sense to just throw out a name if he wasn't somehow connected to the new film.

Roy Knyrim has an extensive background with effects in the Horror genre and has worked with some of the bigger franchises, such as the Toxic Avenger, Prophecy, Children Of The Corn, Amityville, and Wishmaster films. We look forward to hearing more about his possible involvement in the film in the near future.

As for that quote of "series and film", is it implied that a television series is moving along as mentioned by Sean Cunningham back in September? Or is "series" being used for "franchise"? We shall find out soon enough.