'Jason' Actors Sign Massive NECA Replica Hocks And Machetes For Sale

One of the hardest things for Friday The 13th fans to obtain are the autographs of all of the actors who portrayed Jason Voorhees throughout the film franchise. Horror and Sci-Fi conventions have been the method for which these autographs had been obtained in the past, but waiting for specific actors to be at certain shows made for a difficult time collecting. Well not it looks as though fans will not have to travel to multiple shows to get all of the Jason actor's signatures.

Douglas Tait (who portrayed Mr. Voorhees at the end of Freddy vs Jason) posted some images of himself on Instagram a few days ago signing a massive amount of NECA replica hockey masks and machetes. We posted one of the photos on our Facebook account yesterday before we knew the full details of the situation. Every hockey mask and machete is being signed by the men who portrayed Jason Voorhees, sans the late Richard Brooker who sadly passed away last April.

The masks and machetes are going to be sold at www.celebrityauthentics.com sometime in the near future, but when they will go live on the website is still unknown, as well as the price for the items. Our guess for the machete itself will be pretty high considering NECA sold the machete for just north of $100 without the signatures on it. The masks will probably be cheaper, but we'll find out soon enough. Keep and eye on our website for future information on this unique opportunity to own the signatures of Jason Voorhees!