Freddy And Now Michael Myers? When Will We Get A Jason Voorhees DLC?

In the Spring of 2011, our website first caught wind of the real possibility of Jason Voorhees being a downloadable DLC for the Mortal Kombat 9 video game. Both Jason and Freddy Krueger were being licensed for the game from Warner Bros. and it seemed like a foregone conclusion that it was going to be a go. Then at Comic Con in July of that year, Freddy was announced for the game, but Jason Voorhees was completely shut out and never added as a new character for download.

Early last year we were told the reason why Jason was not added, which was definitely disappointing to hear as we think that fans want to play as the maniacal character in a game. Lets face it, the chances of us actually getting a fully licensed Friday The 13th game are pretty slim, so at least getting a DLC of Jason Voorhees within an established game would whet the appetites of fans for the time being. So in reading the news yesterday that Michael Myers is now a DLC in the latest Call Of Duty video game I have to wonder, will we ever get a Jason Voorhees DLC and when?

I think it's great that these slasher characters are being kept in the mainstream by being added into video games, but why hasn't Jason Voorhees been included? The character's popularity is still very high and I believe Friday The 13th fans would love the opportunity to interact within a electronic arena as the Crystal Lake Slasher. If I had to choose which would come first, a Friday The 13th video game or a Jason Voorhees DLC, I would choose the DLC every time.

Which game do you think Jason would fit well into as a DLC?