Original Storyboards: Tommy Resurrects Jason Voorhees In Friday The 13th Part 6

Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 boasts some of the more impressive death scenes in the film franchise. The opening of Jason Lives left fans with anticipation wondering what would happen when Jason's coffin was opened and what he would look like inside? The prospect of Jason being resurrected was an exciting moment in the film franchise and one that Director Tom McLoughlin wanted to make sure was memorable. The scene of revealing Jason's rotting corpse was drawn in storyboards before filming and were quite detailed.

There is a plethora of storyboards provided in the new Crystal Lake Memories eBook for which the original concept of Jason's corpse reveal were drawn out to help aid in filming the scene. The numerous storyboards created for the opening of the film shows in detail what Jason would look like inside the coffin with maggots and spiders crawling about the body and how Tommy would go crazy and begin stabbing Jason's corpse.

Check out the concept of Jason in the coffin below and let us know what you think of Jason's resurrection!

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