The Released And Unreleased 'Jason X' Masks From Don Post Studios

Around the time Jason X hit theaters in 2001 and 2002 (United States), Don Post Studios had produced a few polyvinyl masks for Halloween costumes so that Friday The 13th fans could dress up as their favorite slasher icon. There was one Uber Jason mask created and one regular Jason mask shipped to stores. Pics of the masks can be found below, courtesy of Monster Mayhem.

The masks themselves were not particularly good quality, and the pre-Uber Jason mask is very thin, poorly constructed, and doesn't fit well on anyone's head at all. The Uber Jason mask is made a bit thicker and seems to fit on adults heads much better than the former mask.

There was also a third, unreleased mask for the pre-Uber Jason which showed Jason's face and which had a wearable hockey mask that would go over the polyvinyl mask. Both masks are pictured below.

We don't have any information on why the third mask set was never released to the public, but perhaps fans in the mask collecting community will be able to shed some light on that subject. If anything, it looks as though it was made with a little bit better quality and having the option to remove the hockey mask is much more fun when wearing the set. Would any of our readers own these masks, at least as keepsakes from the film franchise?