Fangoria Magazine And Friday the 13th: Issue #83 (Part 8 First Info)

As we mentioned in the past, the Friday the 13th film franchise and Fangoria Magazine got their start together in their respective business. Fangoria was an upstart horror magazine in the late 1970's/early 1980's and Friday the 13th as a film series kicked off in 1980. Fangoria needed films like Friday The 13th to report on for fans and Jason Voorhees needed the horror magazine to promote his films. This marriage culminated in many issues featuring the film franchise.

Fangoria issue #83 was a big issue for fans wanting to find out more information about the upcoming Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. Executive Producer Frank Mancuso Jr. spilled some beans in terms of what to expect for the new Manhattan romp to the joy and chagrin of some fans. The magazine also featured Part 1 of a retrospective look at the Women Of Crystal Lake, and more specifically, the heroines that survived Jason and Mrs. Voorhees to that point in history as well as Jason's Song, a discussion with series composer Harry Manfredini.

The article on the surviving females only deals with the characters of Alice Hardy, Ginny Field and Chris Higgins. Each actress that portrayed those parts explain how they came to appear in the films and what the experience was like on the set of a crazy 80's slasher film! Amy Steel in particular talks about that night that she really did slice open Jason with a machete. Well, actually, she sliced open Jason stuntman Steve Dash who finished his scene and then promptly went to the hospital for stitches.

Talk of the overall Friday the 13th franchise and the upcoming film Jason Takes Manhattan dominated the second section of the franchise coverage in issue #83. Mancuso was pretty much hush on any real juicy news on the new movie at the time. He did mention that they were taking Jason out of Crystal Lake and that he would be on a cruise ship and then eventually in New York. He talked about how removing Jason from his normal setting and placing him in a new environment would present new opportunities for creating different death scenes and other scenarios for the Crystal Lake Slasher.

Harry Manfredini and his score of the films in the series fills out the final section of Friday coverage in this magazine. Harry explains how he became a composer, his idea for scoring Friday The 13th 1980 and makes a few statements regarding getting work that at the time must have been pretty frustrating. For instance, he mentions: "It bothers me that people tie me to Friday the 13th and won't let me have a shot at something". Nowadays, Harry has definitely lightened his stance on that position as he has scored numerous films in the 20 years since this magazine was released.

That is Fangoria #83 in a nutshell. Keep an eye out for more looks at Fangoria and Friday the 13th in the coming weeks and months. If you have any thoughts on this magazine or what you would like to see reviewed, please let us know in the comments below!