Platinum Dunes Back To Produce Horror Sequel Not Named 'Friday The 13th'

It is no secret anymore that Platinum Dunes is working with Paramount Pictures to release a brand new Friday The 13th film, and hopefully some solid news of their involvement and their plans for the film become available soon. However, in the mean time the company will partnering up for another Horror sequel that fits into the low budget realm that they are desperately looking to include the Friday The 13th franchise in.

According to, Platinum Dunes producing partners Michale Bay, Andrew Form and Brads Fuller will be working in conjunction with Blumhouse Productions to release The Purge 2 in theaters on June 20, 2014. This gives the PD gang plenty of time to get a propsed Friday The 13th sequel in theaters in 2015, which is widely believed to be the year of release. Look for more about The Purge sequel as well as a new Jason Voorhees romp forthcmoing in the near future.