Behind The Scenes: Jason Goes Home Before Facing Freddy

Everyone knows about Jason's home in the woods from Friday the 13th Part 2. However, a lot of people overlook the fact that Jason had another home featured in the series. That home was in the film Freddy vs Jason. Although the home featured in that film is portrayed in a sort of dream like sequence, it is still a visually captivating part of the film and actually is one of the highlights for this writer.

Todays Behind The Scenes pictures feature crew from Freddy vs Jason preparing the home for filming while in Canada. There are also some really good close-up shots of the effects work created featuring the many corpses embedded into the small island Jason's home sat on. The island and house are all actually one big prop which is suspended above water. Again, this is one of the more overlooked portions of the film and the series and definitely was a good addition to the mythos of the franchise!

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