WWE Star Compares Showtime's Dexter To Friday The 13th

Full disclosure here as this writer does not watch a lot of television shows. With that being said, one of the few I do watch is The Walking Dead, and it is a very gripping show. I once heard the same thing said about the once critically acclaimed show Dexter, but the headlines on that once popular show have been quite negative over the past few seasons. Having never seen the show, it sounded like something similar to the experience I encountered watching the once promising hit show Lost on ABC. After four seasons, that show disintegrated into such a wretched show that it was hard for me to watch into a fifth season. With that being said, I would never ever think to compare the failings of Lost to my beloved Friday The 13th franchise. That did not stop a WWE star from making a similar comparison to Dexter.

Being interviewed for Zap2it.com, Chris Jericho was chatting up television shows and mentioned the following:

"I loved "Breaking Bad," but it's funny because I loved "Dexter" too. "Dexter" was the tale of two shows, though. At its best it was one of the most well-written, coolest, creepiest f***ing rad shows ever. At its worst, it was just filled with plot holes and they just didn't give a s***, and the finale I felt fell in that category. Come on, seriously? It's like watching "Friday the 13th Part 12.""

Not ever seeing Dexter, I can't say one way or another if the plot holes match that of the Friday The 13th franchise. For our readers that have watched the show, would you ever think to compare the franchise to Dexter in this way? I personally think that television shows of this type should be held way more accountable for it's story structure than a movie franchise that is meant to be a funhouse type of escapism for an hour and half.