See An Original 'Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan' Crew Jacket

Cast and crew jackets are nice mementos of a time working on a particular film production. Most people would think that these jackets are given to the cast and crew as a gift by the production company, however they need to be purchased before the end of shooting a film. For the earlier Friday The 13th films, because the jackets had to be purchased, there are few that still exist or are in good shape outside of normal wear and tear. Those jackets that are still in good shape are hard to find and very rare.

The photo below shows a crew jacket for Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan! The image is of the back of the jacket, but also on the front there is a small embroidered FRIDAY THE 13th PART VIII logo.

This particular jacket was sold on eBay for $449 a few Summers ago. It is indeed a steep price, however, for fans and collectors of all things Friday the 13th, the price is outweighed by the ability to own something from a production of a Friday the 13th film!