Jason Voorhees Machete Ranked In 30 Greatest Signature Weapons List

Jason Voorhees is usually recognizable to the general movie audience by two items, which are the hockey mask and a machete. It's great for a character and a film franchise to have symbols that define it, and none are bigger than the aforementioned objects. When Total Film released their 30 Greatest Signature Movie Weapons recently, we knew Jason's machete would be ranked somewhere within the list.

According to the website, however, Jason's machete only ranks 29th. That's almost dead last! It's not a big deal, really, as there are some pretty cool weapons ranked ahead of Mrs. Voorhees and Jason's weapon of choice. Heck, Freddy Krueger's razor claws only come in at #12. The lightsaber from Star Wars ranks as #2, and even the Ghostbuster's proton packs are ranked pretty high. So what is the number one weapon? Tony Stark's Iron Man suit!? Oh well, at least Jason made the list.

If you want to see the entire list, make sure to visit totalfilm.com and see what else is mentioned.

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