'An Unfortunate Friday The 13th' Fan Film Marathon This Friday

Over the last few years, Red Dream Productions has been producing some of the most fun Friday The 13th fan films ever released. There are four films in the ongoing series, called An Unfortunate Friday The 13th. The films have never been meant to be taken seriously, as they poke a bit of fun at the Jason Voorhees character and the events surrounding the deaths of his victims. With that being said, the fan films have garnered quite the online following as fans always anticipate the next film.

Red Dream Productions is going to be showing all four of these films at a special screening on October 25th, along with a few of their other film projects. If our readers will be in the area North West of Dublin, Ireland this Friday night and are in the mood for some fun Friday The 13th fan films, please visit The Fincourt. We have posted the address and website information below along with the first film in the fan film series. Enjoy!

The Fincourt,
Oliver Plunkett Street,
Co. Meath
Phone +353 49 8541153