Watch The Teaser For 'Friday The 13th' Fan Video Game (Coming Soon)

Friday The 13th fans really have been waiting and yearning to play an official game based on the events of the film franchise. While nothing in an official capacity has ever been created, sans the 1989 Nintendo cult classic, our readers have looked to take it upon themselves to design and implement their own video games. One of those readers, John Powell, has completed his own Friday The 13th video game that takes place at Crystal Lake. We have not played the game yet, but John has agreed to let us host the game here on our website for fans to download and play.

We have not set up the download at this time, but it will be available here on our website very soon. If you watch the teaser trailer below, you will get a sense of what to expect for the latest Friday The 13th fan game. So view the teaser below to see what you think and we will let everyone know when the video game is downloadable for our readers to play!