Props: Friday The 13th 2009 F/X Axe Rig For Arlen Escarpeta

A few months ago we wrote a story about a huge prop sale for numerous items used in the production of Friday The 13th 2009. Among those items was a really cool F/X prop rig for Arlen Escarpeta's character "Lawrence" that was used to depict a large axe stucking out of his back. The item eventually sold, but we wanted to highlight this great prop for the website as it is a great piece made for the film.

You could strap on the rig today and make people really believe you were in real peril. Below is the description given for the prop by the auction house this past July, along with a nice rare image of Arlen behind the scenes filming a cut scene from the film.

A vest/harness and axe for the practical effect when “Jason” (Derek Mears) kills “Lawrence” (Arlen Escarpeta) in Friday the 13υth.Consisting of a heavy web fabric vest with lace up grommet front closure and web belt buckles for securing to the body. An actual 24 in. axe has been sheared at the blade and embedded in a silicone prosthetic wound affixed to the vest. When worn under clothing the rig gives the gruesome effect of a victim having an axe sticking out of their back. With stage blood remnants and studio-distressing. 

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