Travel Channel To Feature Original Friday The 13th Film On New Show

This past Friday, many Friday The 13th fans descended upon Blairstown, New Jersey to attend the second official camp tour of Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, the Boy Scout Summer Camp used to film the original Friday The 13th film in 1979. The camp tour was a huge success (Review written later) and one fan that attended tipped us off to some exciting news.

The fan, calling himself "The Counselor", had this to say about his time in Blairstown:

I attended the 2nd Official Camp Tour on Friday, September 13th. While visiting Blairstown, I was interviewed by a film crew who was filming an episode of an upcoming tv show on the Travel Channel called "It was Filmed Here". The show focuses on the filming locations of obscure, low budget films. Friday the 13th will be the premiere episode. Sadly, the film crew was not granted access to the Camp.....

This show should be a lot of fun and this writer is curious to see how the Travel Channel approaches telling the story of the town and Friday The 13th 1980. We'll find out more about this soon and let our readers know as soon as additional information becomes available.