Friday The 13th Screening In Blairstown Sells Out To Large Crowd

As part of the Friday The 13th festivities in the town of Blairstown, New Jersey (The town where the original Friday The 13th film was shot), the historic Blairstown Theater offered two screenings of famed slasher classic and fans from all over the country showed to participate! The result was immediate sell-outs and lots of fun fan participation. The screening was an especially added bonus for those fans who attended the camp tour at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco earlier in the day and then were able to attend a screening of the movie afterward.

The Warren Reporter, which is a local paper for the area, was on hand at the event to take pictures of the crowds and talk to some of the fans who were there to watch Mrs. Voorhees. It was also mentioned by the paper that the historic theater was going to show Friday The 13th 1980 once again this December 13th!

 Below is some of images from Friday night as well as what some of the fans had to say.

From The Warren Reporter
"I've been here before just to visit, but coming here for this is pretty awesome," said J.T. Mills, who wore a Camp Crystal Lake shirt.

Mills and his friend Sam Donato, both traveled an hour from Scranton, Pennsylvania after hearing about the event on Facebook. The pair even made the long trek up Sand Pond Road to visit Camp NoBeBoSco, the filming location for Camp Crystal Lake or Camp Blood.

"It's just so cool to hear the locals talk about it too," Donato said.

Blairstown resident Jenny Hovell goes to the screening every time it's offered.

"It's definitely the coolest thing here," she said. "Just seeing this many people and cars is out of the normal."