See Friday The 13th Blu-Ray Box Set Packaging!

It's been a long time coming for Friday The 13th fans and with just over a week left before the new Blu-Ray box set drops into stores, fans are wanting to know what the set looks like, inside and out. Luckily for us and our readers, one lucky fan had his box set delivered to him early, before the September 13th date, and he posted some excellent photos over at the forums.

Below you will be able to see a plethora of images detailing the outside of the collectible tin as well as the interior of the collection which features images of the different films, and also the extra collectibles included in the set. This includes the camp patch, and You're All Doomed" band. Take a look at the photos and see for yourself.

A few items of note. The person who posted the photos mentioned that Jason Goes To Hell is the R Rated version of the film and also listed all of the items found on the Killer Bonus disc:

The Friday the 13th chronicles
Secrets galore behind the gore
Crystal lake victims tell all
Tales from the cutting room floor
Friday artifacts and collectibles
Original trailers.

Many thanks to user Lasertrout on that forum for sharing these great images with the fans.