Friday The 13th 1980 Part Of Four Film Theatrical Horror Marathon

We have just learned about the first Friday The 13th theatrical screening happening after September 13th and it is taking place at quite the appropriate time of year. Most all of the film franchise screenings that are happening on Friday September 13th involve the first film in the franchise, and for good reason. The Sean Cunningham directed 1980 film takes place on the unluckiest of days and helped kick-start a major Horror franchise as well as countless slasher clones.

Although people generally would like to watch Jason Voorhees and his demented mother on a Friday The 13th date, it can be equally as fun to watch Camp Crystal Lake on the big screen during the Halloween season as well. That's what Terror Time at the Denzille Cinema is banking on as they have included Friday The 13th 1980 in a four film Horror marathon taking place on Monday October 28th in Dublin, Ireland! Tickets go on pre-sale on Friday September 13th at 9am.

For more information, please visit the following links and have fun during this mini-marathon close to Halloween!