Crystal Lake Memories Director Clarifies Double Blu-Ray Disc Decision

Last week we got our hands on the Sales Sheet for the Crystal Lake Memories documentary that was sent out to retailers and on the sheet, it mentions that there are two Blu-Ray discs now, instead of the one disc originally marketed. This created some confusion as two what exactly would be included in the final release of the film. Well, Writer and Director Dan Farrands wrote us to clarify the situation with the Blu-Ray discs and what will be delivered to the customers who bought the documentary.

From Dan Farrands
The nearly 7 hours documentary is split into two parts across two Blu-ray discs.  The full documentary is also included on two DVDs (again, split into two parts).  Ultimately, we felt it was important to give "Crystal Lake Memories" the best possible presentation and given the length of the show it just made more sense to release it as a four-disc set.  Fans who purchased "Crystal Lake Memories" on the official website or from Dark Delicacies for the launch event and cast and crew signing on 9/13 will still receive the bonus/extended interview DVD, which will count as a fifth disc.

Hopefully this clears up some confusion that has been making the rounds in Forums and Blogs the last few days. If our readers still have questions, please let us know in the comments below!