'Freddy Vs Jason' Brothers Rock And Shock

Freddy Vs Jason has celebrated it's 10th Anniversary this year already as it was released on August 15, 2003 and there have been a few events to highlight this fact. One such event is happening this weekend with Horrorhound Weekend with a number of alumni from the film in attendance to greet the fans. That is this weekend, however, and we are looking forward, and how about a chance to meet Freddy Krueger himself, Robert England and a brother duo from the Freddy vs Jason?!

Joining their Freddy vs. Jason costars Robert Englund and Katharine Isabelle at Rock and Shock 2013 will be the on-screen brother duo of  Zack Ward and Brendan Fletcher! The pair played Mark and Bobby Davis as brothers in the film and both lost their fights with Freddy. In fact, Brendan's character "Mark" was the only person to be killed in the horror icon team-up by Freddy.

Rock and Shock takes place in Worcester, Massachusetts during the weekend of October 18th through October 20th. If you live near Worcester or are up for a trip to Massachusetts, then we highly encourage fans to make plans to attend this show and meet some of the people who helped make Freddy vs Jason a success.

For more information on the Rock And Shock show, please visit their website at rockandshock.com.