Artist Nathan Thomas Milliner Offers Awesome Friday The 13th Part 2 Art Collage

Popular artist Nathan Thomas Milliner has been creating alluring and inspiring illustrations for comics and Horror films alike for many years now and most recently, his talents can be found on a number of Scream Factory's Special Edition releases of popular Horror titles such as The Howling, The Burning and Night Of The Demons. Nathan has also created numerous collages of Jason Voorhees and various characters from the Friday The 13th films for many clients throughout the years, and now a new piece of art of his has surfaced that is truly stunning!

Below is his new artwork for Friday The 13th Part 2 featuring Ginny Field, Jason Voorhees, and the shrine to Mrs. Voorhees along with the surrounding cast of corpses of characters killed throughout the film. We are not sure of this is will ever go on sale, but for more information on Nathan, visit his website to see all of his work and get in contact with a very talented artist.