Become Jason Voorhees From Part 2 With Halloween Latex Sack Mask

Halloween is coming sooner than most of our readers may realize and as such we are preparing for a great Festival Of Samhain. Friday The 13th fans are always looking to find new ways to dress as Jason Voorhees from the films and go out of their way to create their own custom costumes of the iconic film slasher. There are those fans, however, who may not be as creative or patient to create their own Jason costumes and that's where Halloween costume stores and mask makers can be a savior to many.

Well, this year faithful film franchise fans can go completely retro with their Jason look as a brand new, officially licensed mask is out now for sale and it's the sack mask from Friday The 13th Part 2. To start, it is not an actual cloth sack, rather a 100% latex representation of the famed mask from the 1981 film. There is even a rope added to the latex sack mask to offer the authentic look from the film.

Check out the photo below and see what you think. You can buy the mask at Halloween Adventure now or look for the mask at your local Halloween stores! Have fun trick or treating as Jason this Halloween season!