Jason Goes To Hell 20th Anniversary Project

It's fair to say that Jason Goes To Hell breaks the proverbial mold when it comes to the Friday The 13th film franchise. Although Friday The 13th: A New Beginning is viewed as the black sheep of the franchise with it's grind-house feel and "fake" Jason character, and Jason X took Jason to Space, Jason Goes To Hell goes completely supernatural with some of the most shocking and controversial scenes ever seen in the Friday The 13th franchise or in Horror films period. As with such a dubious departure from the normal formula of the films, many fans turn their back on Jason Goes To Hell. Not this webmaster!

With my undying devotion to the film with that "awkward shaving scene", I thought it deserved a proper celebration. And since a film screening in theaters on 35MM would only produce the R-rated cut of the film (a far inferior version of the film), my very first thought was to contact artist and Friday The 13th extraordinaire Crash Cunningham to create a symbolic and definitive vision of Jason Goes To Hell in illustrative form. And for those of you that are aware of Crash and his Crash Creations brand, his art usually jumps off the page with more realism and detail than some of the effects found in the Friday The 13th films.

So, what has Crash and I come up with. Well, let's just say I gave a few pieces of input and he did the rest. Below are the first looks at what is being designed as a limited edition 20th Anniversary poster for Jason Goes To Hell! More details will be provided as the poster is finalized, but take a look below, share with your friends and make sure to let us know what you think.