The Props Museum: Chewie And The Hockey Stick From 2009 Film

Our next new addition to the Friday The 13th Props Museum is the hockey stick from Friday The 13th 2009 that the character Chewie picks up and plays with in Trent's boathouse while searching for tools to fix furniture he broke earlier in the main house. The hockey stick is part of the in-joke, obviously, with Jason Voorhees and his hockey mask. There is also a tiny bit of trivia that goes along with that hockey stick as well.

Jason was originally going to use the hockey stick to kill Chewie, before Producers decided to change the kill and use a screw driver instead. There is more on that story found at our Friday The 13th Prop article about the Screwdriver. As for the screen-used hockey stick, pictured below, it is the first time this item has been featured in a Friday The 13th film.

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