Friday The 13th Featured In 1988 Sequels Special For Horrorhound Magazine

The year 1988 was truly the year of the major Horror sequel as not only did the A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise release the fourth movie The Dream Master and the Halloween franchise returned after being away for seven years with their fourth film The Return Of Michael Myers, but Paramount unleashed Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood. This writer remembers this year at the cinema well as one of the best for the Horror genre. Thanks to Horrorhound #41, fans get a chance to relive those films of a great year in frights and scares.

HorrorHound Magazine Issue #41 is NOW SHIPPING -- featuring a history of Animated Horror Spin-Offs, an Attack of the Killer Tomatoes retrospective, a look at the "Year of the Sequels" 1988 – plus movie news from MANIAC (boasting an exclusive interview with Elijah Wood), and SXSW coverage, including looks at Kiss of the Damned, Sightseers and My Amityville Horror. Check out to order your subscription today!

Check out the ugly mug of the unmasked Jason on left of the cover and make sure to get your copy of Issue #41 today!

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