The Prop Museum: The Screwdrivers And Chewie From Friday The 13th 2009

While we work on creating the Friday The13th Props Museum section of our website, we have received a new item from Mario Kirner to add to our website. Fans agree that one of the best and most intense death scenes in Friday The 13th 2009 is when Jason Voorhees dispatches of Chewie with a screwdriver. It was an unnerving sequence and one that really resonated with the audience. The funny thing about that scene is that Chewie was originally supposed to be killed with a hockey stick!

Mario interviewed Koen Wooten, the prop master for Friday The 13th 2009, for his website when the film was released in theaters and Koen offered up information about the original death scene of Chewie and the screwdriver props.

From Koen Wooten
One of the last kills we did in the movie was Chewy who meets Jason in the wood shop. Originally, Chewy was to die by a hockey stick but things changed when and Andrew and Brad asked to see all of the rubber weapons I carry on my truck. I laid them all out and they made a decision to have a screwdriver ready just in case we decided to go that way. The problem was that I only had one rubber screwdriver and to pull the gag off properly we needed a real version, retractable, and a number of rubber ones. They then respectfully told me I had 5 hours until we could get to that scene. Keep in mind that we normally allow weeks for rubber props to be made but with help from the guys at EB3 effects in Austin and John Milinac's SFX crew we walked in the screwdrivers minutes before Chewy got them shoved into his head.

Pictured below are a number of the prop screwdrivers used for the death scene.

From the top to the bottom: Retractable version, full rubber, hero metal, rubber tip. All of them still have left overs of movie blood to them.
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