Friday the 13th Girl Ranked In Damsels In Distress That Kick Ass

There is always one thing you can count on in the earlier Friday The 13th films and that is one of our lovely surviving Final Girls will ultimately take the pain to Jason Voorhees in a last ditch effort to save their lives. Jason takes more abuse in the end of his movies from ladies than he probably did from his demented mother. The surviving girls of Friday The 13th are tough and determined to not only live for another day, but to stop Jason from his murderous ways as well. With that being said, where would you rank these Final Girls among the surviving girls of other films?

Well, Total Film has taken it upon themselves to do just that and they have ranked fan favorite Ginny Field from Friday The 13th Part 2 in their 30 Damsels In Distress That Kick Ass. Where does she rank? It may be surprising, but she ranks #3 on the list ahead of characters such as Ellen Ripley from Aliens. Sorry to say, Ginny is great and all, but that seems a bit of a stretch as Ginny fought one person while Ripley fought dozens of Aliens.

At any rate, if you would like to see the full list, make sure to visit Total Film' list and let us know what you think of Ginny's spot in the list!